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Many people are confused about the idea of a drone survey company London and what it's like to use. With the many different companies and you have to choose from it can be difficult being sure you're hiring the right company. In this blog we'll explain the different types of services that are out there and what you can expect from them.

Since 2013 HeliDrone Surveys have used the latest UAV drone technology to deliver surveyors, construction companies, agencies and industry with photographic and video data.

We aerial survey and access impossible to reach locations in any situation - From city centers (including London) to residential and industrial sites. Same day data for your report writing. Always with safely and efficiently in mind. We operate UK wide.

Drones are frequently used in a variety of situations. While they are beneficial, they can also prove to be extremely dangerous if not used with care. With the rise in the number of drone users and complaints regarding drone usage, the authorities are now more keen than ever to regulate their use. The first step in the right direction towards regulation is to understand the volume and type of complaints that are being filed each year due to drone usage.